Frequently asked questions

How does my Eyk implementation work?

Once you have purchased an Eyk plan, we will set up your Eyk environment. This will give you what you need to create your first data flow, after which Eyk will automatically run all necessary tasks to set up and manage your data flow. The customer success team will schedule a 'go live' call with you in which we answer any last questions and help you get the most value from Eyk from the start.

How do I connect to my data value tools?

As soon as your data flow is live, you can start connecting to your data warehouse. To do this, go to your live destination and click the arrow next to the live button. This opens a screen that provides you with your data warehouse credentials. From here, go to your data value tool of choice and take the needed steps to create the connection.

Is there a cap on the amount of data I can process through Eyk?

Eyk is designed and built to handle all the data from your most used cloud sources and will scale as your amount of data grows. However, in order to maintain performance for all Eyk users, we will limit data amounts if needed based on fair usage.

What can I expect from DWH storage & compute costs?

Eyk sets up and manages your data warehouse for you, so you can focus on creating value from your data. Based on your data warehouse of choice, you will be invoiced by Eyk for the storage & compute costs calculated by the cloud data warehouse provider. Talk to us to get an idea of what costs to expect, based on your use case and data.

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