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Take ownership over your customer journey data without code, within minutes

Automatically collect data from different tools including Shopify, GA4, Meta Ads & Semrush
Store and own in a dedicated Google Bigquery environment
Generate actionable insights into performance, segmentation & attribution
Pre-built insights

A unique library of customer journey insights

Browse, explore and add insights into performance, segmentation, attribution and more.
How you can use

Getting the Most Out of Eyk

Automatically collect

Connect to Shopify, Magento, GA4, Google Ads, Meta Ads, Pinterest Ads & more
Authenticate data collection directly with your credentials
Set historic data collection time window and data refresh rate

Centralize & own

Eyk operates as an intelligence layer on top of Google’s Bigquery
Centralize your raw customer journey data in a dedicated data warehouse
Leverage the security and scalability of Google Cloud and the intelligence of Eyk

Control without code, within minutes

Eyk allows you to control your data without a single line of code
Always know the latest status of your data & insights through direct feedback
Access your underlying data warehouse for more custom possibilities

Generate actionable insights

Select insights that answer your business questions in our library of pre-built insights
Instantly power your insights with the needed data collection
Launch template dashboards or spreadsheets to determine your next best actions

Easy integration, increased productivity

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