Eyk is the first autopilot for your
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Own all of your e-commerce customer journey data
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Don't take our word for it, see what Eyk users say

"Since implementing Eyk, I am able to combine data from sources across our different studios and entities and visualise information together in one dashboard that refreshes automatically. This provides us with better strategic insight with less manual work. Next up, we will add a broader range of sources to our data model for even more valuable insights."

rocycle testimonial
Etienne Roederer
CFO at Rocycle

"Eyk helps us join data from different sales and marketing sources with our operational database. This gives us the insights we need to decide what our next marketing campaign or even product feature has to be. Since we started using Eyk, we started treating our data as a true asset and we now have many more ideas on how to make the data work for us."

rocycle testimonial
Peter Roelfsema
Co-founder at Jobner