Power your marketing dashboards through the Eyk platform

60% of marketers still power their dashboards manually.
Thanks to Eyk’s unique library of data models and open architecture,
you can now benefit from ease of use, quick results AND the possibility for customisation and scalability. 

online marketing dashboard

How you can use Eyk

Add your data sources

• Connect your most impactful marketing tools
• Pick the historical starting date and refresh rate
• Walk through the steps to authenticate Eyk

data source online marketing dashboard

Set up your data warehouse

• Choose your cloud service provider of choice
• Have your data warehouse managed by Eyk,
or by your own team

data warehouse online marketing dashboard

Connect to your data tools

• Deploy pre-built data models to power dashboards
• Request custom metrics & models for your analyses
• Connect to your data usage tool of choice, including:
Google Data Studio, Tableau, PowerBI & machine learning tools

data usage  online marketing dashboard