Eyk makes data analysis easy, valuable and fun, in minutes!

Most marketing teams struggle with generating valuable insights. What if you can automate your reports through easily generated data pipelines and get inspired to perform more innovative analyses?
All while keeping control and ownership over your data!

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Manually preparing your data is time consuming and unreliable and therefore blocks marketers from adding true value to the business.

Eyk automates the infrastructure, extract, load and transform components of your data flow. By doing this, Eyk enables you to spend your time driving more value from your data analytics and innovating with data science and data sharing.

Eyk for performance marketers

• Automatically push data from marketing tools to dashboards
• Deploy pre-built models to join data across sources
• Get analyses inspiration through the data model library
• Monitor your data pipelines for freshness and quality

Eyk for marketing teams

• Standardise data pipelines for the entire team
• Create one version of the truth for your company
• Improve data quality and build trust in analyses
• Take control over your data warehouse by adding source connectors and data models

Eyk for agencies

• Productise your standard reports for customers
• Create workspaces per customer
• Benchmark across all your data
• Do more innovative & strategic analyses
• Explore new, data driven business models


Are you looking to use Eyk as an agency or consultancy firm?

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