Increase return on your marketing
Decrease time spent on reporting

60% of marketers still get to customer journey insights manually.

Thanks to Eyk’s unique library of data models and open architecture, 
you can now benefit from automated insights into performance, attribution and segmentation
while keeping control over your data assets.

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Manually preparing your data for insights is time consuming and unreliable
It blocks marketers from adding true value to the business.

Eyk allows you to store all customer journey data in one, reliable place
by automating the set-up and management of your Bigquery data warehouse.

Then, Eyk empowers you increase returns on your marketing and decrease time spent on reporting
through pre-built insights into performance, attribution and segmentation.

This enables you to spend your time making better decisions and driving more value from your data.

Own all of your e-commerce customer journey data

Collect data automatically from your marketing tools
Store data in your own, dedicated Google Cloud environment
Centralize your one version of the truth

Turn data into insights, without code, within minutes

Deploy performance, attribution & retention insights in minutes
Use your data through pre-built dashboards and spreadsheets
Control your data in Eyk's no-code, automated data platform

Eyk for agencies

• Productise your standard reports for customers
• Create workspaces per customer
• Benchmark across all your data
• Do more innovative & strategic analyses
• Explore new, data driven business models


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