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While working towards the official launch of the product in April
The Eyk team
February 21, 2023

Rotterdam, Feb 21, 2023 - Rotterdam-based start-up Eyk announces today that it has raised a pre-seed investment of €650K. Eyk optimizes data reporting for marketers, by simplifying cross-channel analytics. The entrepreneurs that founded Eyk, Alain Odijk (CEO), and Bart Lammers (CTO) managed to raise the capital swiftly. The product is currently still in beta-phase and set to launch early april, but is already used by ten leading clients.

When conducting combined data analyses from multiple data sources such as Facebook ads, Google ads, Shopify, and Mailchimp, it is common to miss crucial steps, making the results error-prone and causing marketers to miss valuable insights. These are missed opportunities since cross-channel data analyses are of great value for effective marketing.

Converting data to insights
Eyk offers the solution in this space. The startup is on a mission to take digital marketing to the next level. Alain Odijk, CEO of Eyk: "In today's jungle of channels and resources, the challenge is to organize your marketing machine as smart as possible. A Cross-channel analysis does exactly that. It adds transparency to the different channels and builds a virtual bridge between all data and targeted marketing activities. Eyk puts an end to fragmented analyses, and manual input and puts everything in one place in a private cloud environment.

The current round of investment was led by Goldfish and joined by Graduate Entrepreneur as well as several business angels. For Goldfish, the Eyk investment is its second.
Dave Dirks, partner of Goldfish: "We believe that Eyk can play an important role in making data analytics more accessible to marketers so that they can make better, smarter, and more efficient use of the data from their business. Many companies don't have the technical resources to do this, and given the scarcity, they're not going to find the talent. With the use of Eyk companies are better positioned to face the competitive landscape in which data analytics is becoming increasingly important for making critical decisions. And additionally, companies retain more control over their data."

Besides its current investors, Eyk is also backed by the creative and digital network ACE. With twelve specialized agencies in branding, tech, and innovation, ACE is not only a user but also helps Eyk by share market insights and supporting the official launch of Eyk in April.

Tomorrow’s digital marketing
There are several tools on the market that collect, store, or structure data. Eyk is the first tool that integrates all these steps into a single no-code platform. Eyk easily brings together all the steps to perform cross-channel data analysis. That way, marketers always have up-to-date data at their fingertips, in a private cloud, with direct access to directly applicable data models. The total package for and by the digital marketer of tomorrow. 

Odijk: "In this time, where effectiveness and fast results are paramount for organizations, digital marketing plays an increasingly important role. There is a true data tech wave washing over the field, opening up a world of new applications, powered by developments like no-code data transformation and data ownership. As a forerunner in this category, this pre-seed investment allows us to further develop Eyk into the core data tool for every digital marketer."

The investment will be used to expand the team for further development of the platform. In 2023, the start-up wants to grow to a customer base of 50+ brands and agencies, with plans to expand internationally in the years to come.

About Goldfish
Goldfish believes in long-term relationships by adding value during all stages of a company instead of being transaction and action-driven. Goldfish advises founders and companies with raising their first institutional round and beyond, as well as in relation to secondaries and exits. Goldfish invests jointly with founders and operators in new talented teams and companies and as such boosts the pay-it-forward culture in the Dutch startup ecosystem. They provide proactive, hands-on, and experience support to the companies they invest in, to guide them toward their next funding round and a successful exit. For more information please check: www.goldfish.global or contact dave@goldfish.global or arjan@goldfish.global.

About Eyk
Eyk is a progressive marketing data platform for every digital marketer. Eyk integrates and optimizes all steps for making cross-channel data analyses. Making up-to-date data always within reach, in your own cloud, with access to directly applicable data models. With Eyk, every marketer is a data engineer and no marketing issue remains unanswered. Companies like Rocycle, Blauwe Monsters, and Adwise are already using the platform. For more information, visit: www.eykdata.com or contact alain.odijk@eykdata.com


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