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Microsoft and Pinterest advertising sources now available in Eyk

Eyk Data now enables users to collect data from the Microsoft and Pinterest advertising platforms through the newly released source connectors.
Alain Odijk
September 11, 2023

For online brands and digital marketing teams that operate a multi-channel advertising strategy, gaining insight into cross-channel performance, campaign effectiveness and attribution is key.

Eyk Data now enables users to collect data from the Microsoft and Pinterest advertising platforms through the newly released source connectors. Combine Microsoft and Pinterest advertising data with data from your own online store (Shopify, Magento or others) and social/ad platform data for optimal analysis and insights.

Alain Odijk, CEO & Co-founder of Eyk said about this product release: "Both Microsoft and Pinterest have been requested by several of our users, as they complete the cross-channel strategy of many brands. These source connectors not only allow users to collect data from these platforms directly into their own marketing cloud, but also tie very nicely into some of Eyk's pre-built insights, which allow users to gain strategic insights with the click of a button."

Eyk allows Microsoft and Pinterest advertisers to:

  • Collect ad, campaign and performance data from Microsoft and Pinterest.
  • Store the data in their own Google cloud data warehouse, managed by Eyk, or managed by them.
  • Deploy pre-built insights that combine Microsoft and Pinterest data with other advertising-, organic-, shop- andsocial data for highly strategic and valuable insights.
  • Manage data quality, freshness and governance from the Eyk platform for increased trust and usability of their data.

About Eyk

Eyk is the new way to power your customer journey insights,

Increase return on your marketing and decrease time spent on reporting, through pre-built insights into performance, attribution and segmentation.
No need for code and runs completely in your Google stack!

Thanks to Eyk’s unique library of data models and open architecture, you can now benefit from automated insights into performance, attribution and segmentationwhile keeping control over your data assets.


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