Alain Odijk

CEO & Co-founder

Alain combines his drive to help your business thrive with an obsession for creating a flywheel

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Alain combines a positive attitude, with a strong drive to help business and people thrive and a never ending obsession with creating flywheels, Alain is building the Eyk business and team.

Living in Rotterdam with his girlfriend and two young kids, Alain has to plan his days by the minutes. Maybe that is why he gets up at 5am for a workout most days of the week. Besides spending time with his family and working out, Alain loves to share good food and wine with friends and family or read a good history book.

After studying Business Administration in Rotterdam, Alain hopped on the sales & marketing train. Starting out by helping a US scale-up expand in the EU, then building out new markets for an established tech company and later managing sales & marketing for one of the largest data tech & consultancy firms in the Netherlands.

At Eyk, Alain is ultimately responsible for building out the Eyk business and team, meaning you will find him working on sales, marketing, customers success, product, HR and many other topics.