ACE introduces marketing data platform Eyk

Customers like Rocycle, Blauwe Monsters and Adwise are already using the new SaaS product

Rotterdam, 7 Feb 2023 - Today ACE introduces marketing data platform Eyk. After a year of product development and research, Eyk will continue as a separate entity. Run by Alain Odijk (CEO) and Bart Lammers (CTO), Eyk optimizes data reporting for companies by simplifying cross-channel analyses. The SaaS product is currently in the beta phase and will officially go live in April. The first brands and agencies are already using the beta version of Eyk.

Cross-channel data analyses can be very valuable for effective marketing but tend to present difficulties in execution. Crucial steps are often missed when doing combined analyses from different data sources (such as Facebook/Google ads, Shopify and Mailchimp), resulting in errors and a lack of relevant insights for digital marketers.

This is exactly where Eyk wants to make a difference. The startup is on a mission to take digital marketing to the next level, by enabling new ways of collecting, storing and using data. As a forerunner in data solutions, innovations such as no-code data transformation and data ownership are central to Eyk’s success. 

“Based on my experience in data analytics, I noticed several limitations when using data tools like Fivetran and Supermetrics. Marketers had to use multiple tools to reach their goals, making the process time-consuming and sensitive to errors. This brought me to develop a platform that integrates all the steps toward cross-channel data analyses. No more fragmented analyses or manual input needed, and stored in a cloud environment of choice,” says founder Alain Odijk.

Eyk’s growing team is moving to a new office in ‘het Groothandelsgebouw’ in Rotterdam. ACE remains involved in the development of Eyk as an advisory body and as a client. Rogier Ijzermans, CEO at ACE: “Eyk carries the ACE entrepreneurial spirit and I’m proud to see them continue on their own. The data tool embodies what’s next in modern marketing, by making it technically simple to get full control of performance.” Eyk is not the first spin-out from the network, the renowned Bynder was also founded by ACE agency Label A, voted #1 in digital asset management solutions.

About ACE

ACE is a new breed network with 12 labels: HERC, Born05, Blauw Gras, Glasnost, Airborne, Fitzgerald, IM Lounge, Newborn, Label A, Off The Record, AMARU and Content Icons. ACE is constantly working on a comprehensive offering for brands to remain relevant in the rapidly changing world. About 320 people work from offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht. Brands such as Unilever, 538, Porsche, Samsung, Young Capital and Zalando are part of the portfolio.

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About Eyk

Eyk is a progressive marketing data platform for every digital marketer. Eyk integrates and optimizes all steps for making cross-channel data analyses. Making up-to-date data always within reach, in your own cloud, with access to directly applicable data models. With Eyk, every marketer is a data engineer and no marketing issue remains unanswered. Companies like Rocycle, Blauwe Monsters and Adwise are already using the platform. For more information, visit:  or contact