Amazon Selling Partner source now available in Eyk Data

Eyk Data releases source connector to Amazon Selling Partner data in it's marketing data platform

For e-commerce teams that operate a multi-channel strategy or sell exclusively through Amazon, gaining insight into store performance, order data and customer details is essential. Eyk Data now enables users to extract this data from the Amazon platform through the new Amazon Selling Partner source connector. Combine Amazon data with data from your own online store (Shopify, Magento or others) and social/ad platform data for optimal analysis and insights.

Eyk allows Amazon re-sellers to:

  • Collect their sales, order and logistics data from the Amazon platform.
  • Store the data in an open architecture cloud data warehouse, managed by Eyk, or managed by themselves.
  • Deploy pre-built metrics & models that combine Amazon data with shop-, CRM, ads and social data for highly strategic and valuable insights.
  • Connect to deployed metrics & models in the data warehouse from most visualization-, reporting- and data science tools.
  • Manage data quality, freshness and governance from the Eyk platform for increased trust and usability of their data

About Eyk

Eyk is the new way to power your marketing insights. Manually preparing your data is time consuming and unreliable and therefore blocks marketers from adding true value to the business.

With the Eyk platform you can automate the infrastructure by extracting, loading and transforming components of your data flow. By doing so, you can spend more time driving value from your data analytics.

With Eyk you can:

  • Deploy pre-built models to join data across sources
  • Automatically push data from marketing tools to dashboards
  • Monitor your data pipelines for freshness and quality
  • And get analyses inspiration through the data model library